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Ice, cancelled buses and the cold was not going to stop Grade 8 student MacKenzie Wilson, the morning of January 17, 2017. MacKenzie, her fellow s...

Ice, cancelled buses and the cold was not going to stop Grade 8 student MacKenzie Wilson, the morning of January 17, 2017.

MacKenzie, her fellow students, teachers from Waverley Drive Public School in Guelph, Ontario, and a network of community partners, including football players from the Guelph Gryphons and basketball players from The Wellington Basketball Club, had all been assigned roles as part of a Big Breakfast she helped spearhead to raise money and awareness for student nutrition.

MacKenzie is one of several Ontario students who are embarking on local school-based events in support of the 2017Toonies for Tummies (#Toonies4Tummies) campaign which will take place February 9-23 in Ontario and in western Canada. Funds raised by the campaign will benefit local programs, including MacKenzie's region (Central West) which represents nearly 43,000 children and youth who take part in programs daily.

Each student (Agent of Change Ambassador) is putting their unique stamp on the topic of student nutrition -- and for MacKenzie, a Big Breakfast was the perfect way for her to engage her fellow students, school staff, and community partners.

A grade 8 student, MacKenzie is the youngest of eleven students taking part in the Agents of Change Committee. But that has not held her back in the slightest as evidenced by the event she held raised $763 and filled a gym, not to mention her unabashed desire to talk to the press and anyone else who was willing to support her goal.

In addition to her event, students in MacKenzie's school (age 12 and up) are also sharing their opinions on student nutrition, including reflecting on how difficult it is to be successful at school on an empty stomach. Submissions are being accepted by students eligible from across the province and will be profiled by The Foundation in social media in the coming weeks and months. One student will also be selected to attend the Night to Nurture Gala, Feb 4 in Toronto and meet the band. Click here for more information about the contest.

In the coming weeks, there is certain to be more snow, more ice and perhaps more cancelled buses, what's special about today is despite the weather the warmth of a community shone through.

A special thank you to the Toonies for Tummies retail partners Guelph Metro, sponsor products were also featured at the breakfast along with items donated from a number of local businesses. Members of the local University football team, theGuelph Gryphons and members of the Wellington Basketball Club were among the many volunteers eager to support Mackenzie's efforts.

Photo Credit: Wellington Basketball Club

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