Nature’s Path Organic Sponsors #Toonies4Tummies for the Second Year in a Row

At Nature’s Path, our purpose is to always leave the earth better than we found it. That’s why our products are made with always organic, non-GMO i...

At Nature’s Path, our purpose is to always leave the earth better than we found it. That’s why our products are made with always organic, non-GMO ingredients, grown through climate-friendly organic agricultural practices to protect people and the planet. We’re committed to producing better-for-you foods that taste good, feel good, and promote goodness beyond the kitchen.  

Nourishing communities 

For our founders Arran and Ratana Stephens, giving back has been at the heart of the company from the very beginning. For 40 years, they’ve worked tirelessly to spread their values to support people and the planet. 

As part of this philosophy, we’re always looking for ways to support those in need and improve access to healthy food in our communities. This takes shape in many different ways, from our Gardens for Good program, which helps to fund local organic gardens, to our partnerships with local foodbanks through our Eat Well Do Good and Bite4Bite programs. This includes financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteering to support:  

  • Hunger relief and community feeding programs to alleviate hunger  
  • Endangered species and habitat conservation to support environmental sustainability 
  • Youth and environmental education   
  • Community health and wellness   
  • Furthering the cause of organics and sustainable food systems   
  • Justice, equity, diversion and inclusion 

In the last 14 years, Nature’s Path has donated over $56 million worth of food to local charities, food banks and environmental partners. 

We’re proud to sponsor Toonies for Tummies for the second year in a row and join their mission to provide healthy breakfasts for kids across Canada. By funding crucial student nutrition programs, we can work together to ensure every child has the chance to start the day off feeling healthy and energized.  

We believe in healthy, planet-friendly products 

For us, breakfast is at the heart of our kitchen. We’re dedicated to filling cupboards with organic breakfast products that support a healthy diet and are produced in ways that take care of the planet.  This includes morning favourites like our Heritage Flakes, made with organic ancient grains, organic honey, and sea salt, for a satisfyingly slightly sweet crunch that helps to fuel you for the day.  

Our EnviroKidz cereals are delicious and made with organic ingredients (which parents love) and featuring adorable animals and tasty flavours (which kids love). We donate a portion of proceeds to animal conservation efforts - since 2002, we have raised over $4.8 million towards saving animals around the world through our EnviroKidz give-back programs. 

The future depends on healthy breakfast habits 

We know that eating a nutrient-rich, balanced breakfast can help you feel better and ready to take on the day, and we want to remove the barriers that prevent 2 million children from being able to start their day off feeling strong and focused.  

By supporting Toonies for Tummies, we hope to empower more children and feed their potential, so there’s nothing in the way of the goals they set out to achieve.  


Help Us Make Breakfast a Reality for a Hungry Child

Chasing dreams should be part of every child’s day. Going without breakfast shouldn’t be.