Back to School may mean going to school on an empty stomach for 1 in 3 children*. Help us feed them.

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We collect toonies from January through March in participating grocery stores in Western Canada, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. At the end of the campaign, 100% of the donations make their way back to the community they were made in.

Thank you!

In-Store Pictures from Previous Campaigns

Our Toonie Tracker shows the local schools who receive funds, which is constantly being updated.


Missed our #Toonies4Tummies program in store?

Toonies for Tummies returns early 2023. But you can make an impact today

Toonies for Tummies returns in 2023
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You can help feed a hungry child by donating online and help make this school year their best one yet.

Donate today, and help us fill this school with laughter, hope and a healthy breakfast.*

Our Progress:

* Donations made online will remain in the province where they are made.


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This is why we need you

Thank you from the students who can come to school every day and not worry about what they are going to eat.
Thank you
Over 3,000 student nutrition programs in Ontario, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada that we currently support.
More than 1 million  children in Ontario, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada have daily access to student nutrition programs.
Thanks Grocery Foundation
Thank you for keeping us going when we were terrified we were not going to have enough to get through the year.

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Enter your postal code in the Search Box below. Scroll in and out to see the programs we currently fund. Over 5,000 of them and more are being added all the time with your support.

We work with Student Nutrition Program partners to ensure your donations benefit local programs in the vicinity of the grocery store – we’re adding programs with each campaign!

Frequently Asked Questions

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100% of proceeds raised from Toonies stays local, helping either the Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) in Ontario or Breakfast Club of Canada in Western Canada and in Atlantic Canada.

The Foundation works with our student nutrition partners, to identify eligible school-based student nutrition programs. These programs benefit from donations made in-store and online once the campaign ends.

The Toonie Tracker includes the programs that benefit at this time. The programs which receive funding continues to evolve. Once the campaign ends, we will identify a local program to receive funding. This program will be in the vicinity of the store (where the funds are collected). This may include a program that is currently on a wait list. Please also be sure to zoom out on the toonie tracker.

In light of Covid-19, stores will have different options available to shoppers beyond donating a toonie at the cash or self check out, where available. The Foundation accepts donations of $25 or more online which are eligible for a tax receipt.

We do not publish school names for privacy reasons.

No. But rest assured donations that are made in store will remain in the local community in the vicinity of the grocery store where the donation is made. For donations made online, we will make every best effort to have those donations benefit student nutrition programs in the region. For certain, donations made online will remain in the province associated with the online donation.

The criteria is determined by the organizations that administer the programs and is based on nutrition guidelines set by each respective province.

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Help Us Make Breakfast a Reality for a Hungry Child

Chasing dreams should be part of every child’s day. Going without breakfast shouldn’t be.