#Toonies4Tummies Returns

This time we’re facing 2x's the challenge

Toonies fill tummies. Your donations at participating grocery stores and online feed hungry children in your community. Before COVID-19, 1 in 5 (or more) children in Canada faced food insecurity. Twice as many are at risk of going hungry now.(1)



Feed A Hungry Student Breakfast For A Month



Feed A Hungry Student Breakfast For A Year

Toonies Fill Tummies



Feed a Hungry Student

How Your Donation Helps

100% of your donations will benefit hungry children in your community. Your donation will ensure they have access to a healthy breakfast whether they’re studying in school or at home.

Hunger isn’t another country’s problem. It affects children right here in our backyards.

One of the best things about Toonies for Tummies is it helps improve the lives of children right in your community. Thanks to the support of our grocery partners and sponsors, 100% of all donations stay in the community where they’re made. That means you’ll be helping children right in your local area. Enter your postal code and our Toonie Tracker will show you where student nutrition programs benefit directly from your support and that of our campaign partners.

Many of our participating retailers matched donations on designated days during this year’s campaign. With their support and your donations, we had a record-breaking campaign.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who donated and our growing list of participating retailers who right now are supporting students and their families impacted by Covid-19.

We will be back to you with details on our upcoming 2021 campaign in the coming months. Until then be safe and healthy.

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Help Us Make Breakfast a Reality for a Hungry Child

Chasing dreams should be part of every child’s day. Going without breakfast shouldn’t be.