Why Food is About As Good As Philanthropy Gets

Food is central to cultures around the world. It nourishes communities. It brings people together. At The Grocery Foundation, we believe it is a h...

Food is central to cultures around the world.

It nourishes communities.

It brings people together.

At The Grocery Foundation, we believe it is a hallmark of giving for the greater good; especially when we're feeding children.

Helping children have access to food, including through student nutrition is the focus of our work.

When we do so, we of course are helping to provide children with essential nutrients, and, as research shows, we are helping them when it comes to academic performance, but we've also seen how supporting student nutrition builds communities. There are so many other wonderful benefits that come about through our collective efforts, many not seen or known to you. So today, on National Philanthropy Day, we'd like to celebrate and acknowledge all of the wonderful people who have committed to this effort and, who increasingly, are helping us make inroads to ensure we nourish as many neighbourhoods as we can.

Here at The Grocery Foundation, we've seen volunteers from different walks of life show up at student nutrition programs day in and out to help prepare meals, give out hugs and words of encouragement.

We've seen students, come together to raise funds and awareness around the importance of student nutrition. Just this past year we celebrated three of them, who themselves are in elementary school, but worked to coordinate a fundraiser. The same was true in offices dotted throughout Ontario who engaged employees and clients to help fund local student nutrition programs, or who made generous online donations to The Foundation.

We've received art from the students, and notes of thanks, showcasing just how much caring for them and helping them is making and difference, and makes them feel valued and loved.

Over the years, we've helped spread awareness about the issue of hunger and the importance of student nutrition. We'll continue to advocate for the cause and help Canadians understand that this is a cause that matters to each of us. It's also one we can impact, with a donation as little as a toonie, or with your time, focused on helping to make student nutrition a priority.

In the coming months, we're going to showcase students in Ontario who once again are helping to bring the importance of student nutrition to the fore. In their schools and in their local community. They are the change makers of the future. Together with these visionary leaders, and with your support and donations, we're not only going to talk about the possibilities that student nutrition enables, we're increasingly going to celebrate them.

Thank you for your support of The Grocery Foundation, and for Toonies for Tummies which returns Feb 9-23 to Ontario and for the first time will take place in Western Canada.

We'd welcome your stories of impact at @groceryfndtn. Let's get involved and let's create moments of possibility as we feed the future.

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