TOONIES FOR TUMMIES Success in 2014 Sets Stage for Coming Year!

We’re thrilled to report that the 2014 Toonies for Tummies campaign raised $864,000! This money has been making its way to schoolchildren in the c...

We’re thrilled to report that the 2014 Toonies for Tummies campaign raised $864,000!

This money has been making its way to schoolchildren in the communities surrounding the approximately1,000 stores that took part in last year’s campaign — participating stores; and have signed on once more to Toonies that returns February 5-19, 2015.

Based on the monies raised, we estimate that 400,000 Canadians (your friends and neighbours) made donations. We are very grateful to you for your support on behalf of the 1 in 6 children in Canada go to school hungry.

The 2014 campaign saw more than 90,000 views on social media, which doesn’t even include social sharing and engagement on Twitter and other social media partners. We’re working to bring you a new video this year that we hope you’ll also want to share. Stay tuned.

In addition to the support Toonies received in store, we were also very lucky this year to have several organizations reach out and decide to “adopt” Toonies as a cause to fundraise for and support in unique and special ways. We are so very grateful to Amica and R H McGregor Elementary for their enthusiasm in helping take the Toonies for Tummies message forward.

Instead of holding a staff party, Amica at Bayview made an incredibly kind gesture by donating these funds to Toonies for Tummies. What an amazing way to show their support to a very worthy cause. 

We were also most fortunate this past year to receive wonderful support from RH McGregor School where fifth grade students organized a volleyball game in support of Toonies For Tummies. “My Grade 5 daughter has a class assignment to work with a charity that impacts her peers and community. She likes the idea of supporting “toonies for tummies” as she can relate to the issue.” – Parent at R H McGregor Elementary

Last but certainly not least, McMaster University staff were inspired by the notion of , children heading to school without breakfast and was another wonderful surprise lending their support to our efforts.

“We decided to choose Toonies for Tummies because I think it hits home for a lot of us that are parents. I can’t speak for others, but knowing a child goes hungry to school is really sad as we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have two children and I express how important it is to eat in the morning to start the day off right. But in the back of my head I know there are children that do not have this option of breakfast or even lunch for that matter and that’s an eye opener because this happens a lot in our communities. These are good kids that are not given the chance to excel and thank goodness for organizations such as The Grocery Foundation that do this to help out those children. I am not sure what else to say, but it was an organization that was important to us to donate too.” – Carmela at McMaster University.

Toonies 2015 will be here before we know it. We’d like to thank you in advance for helping us spread the word and for applauding these truly wonderful community organizations and Canadians of all ages. The involvement of the community within our Toonies For Tummies enriches communities and it’s wonderful when communities take part in bringing Toonies to life.

A Toonie is all it takes to feed a Tummy.

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