Sponsor Spotlight: Made Good

“When we first heard about Toonies for Tummies we immediately knew that it was a perfect program for our participation”, said Nima Fotovat, Presid...

“When we first heard about Toonies for Tummies we immediately knew that it was a perfect program for our participation”, said Nima Fotovat, President of MadeGood Foods from his office in Vaughan, Ontario.“Our company is family owned and community is very important to us.We designed our Community Giving Program focused on children; their health, their nutrition and their education.Toonies for Tummies provides nutrition for kids so that they can learn and be successful and nothing is more important than supporting the youth who hold the future for all of us.We are very proud to be supporters of Toonies for Tummies”.

February 2 was Toonies for Tummies day for MadeGood employees and promoted with posters throughout our facility.Free snacks for the day in each lunchroom were displayed next to a Toonies for Tummies poster and mini shopping cart to encourage everyone to donate during the day.Most employees were surprised to hear so many children go to school hungry and the day was a bit of an eye opener for them.They were also very interested to see the map with so many school locations close to our manufacturing facility. Many employees were touched by the day because it was heart breaking to hear that one in six children go to school hungry. No one at MadeGood will soon forget that statistic!

Edward, Maintenance Engineer commented, “ It’s sad that so many families can’t feed their children.Even though my family has gone through hard times, we could always feed our children.I am happy to work for a company that supports so many worthy causes and helps people out who are struggling”

Our social media supported the program to our MadeGood audience online.MadeGood products are school safe, nut free with a serving of the nutrients of vegetables especially designed for kids, so many of our most loyal customers are their parents. Since most of our followers are parents themselves, they appreciate the importance of kids going to school well nourished to get the most out of their day so it’s the perfect group to introduce to Toonies for Tummies.Several posts throughout the program are highlighting different retailers so everyone knew where to go to donate.

As a relatively new brand with only 4 years in the market, it is very exciting for MadeGood to be included in a list of such iconic Canadian brands.Our retailers have supported the program, and we know that this will bring awareness to our brand, the program and the community need.

It is heartening to see so many brands and retailers come together to make a change for the better.We are already planning how we can make our contribution more meaningful for next year!

Made Good has also held a fundraiser and also donated $120 to The Foundation and Toonies for Tummies.

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