Sponsor Spotlight: Burnbrae Farms

Burnbrae Farms has its origins in a farm outside the village of Lyn, which is near Brockville in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The farm, known as Burnb...

Burnbrae Farms has its origins in a farm outside the village of Lyn, which is near Brockville in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The farm, known as Burnbrae Farms, has been in the Hudson family for over 120 years.

Our story is one that is rich in helping Canadians live well - beginning with the essential nutrients found in eggs. Eggs are the perfect way to help fuel children’s bodies and minds and help them do their best at school and play. We know that studies show kids perform better in school when they eat well - eggs play an important role in nourishing growing children; and make great sense as part of a balanced diet.

Breakfast matters

It’s a well-established fact that eating a healthy breakfast can increase children’s attention span and learning ability. Research clearly shows that breakfast can help improve children’s memory, problem-solving skills and test scores. As one of nature’s most nutritious foods, eggs make a great choice for fueling children’s growing bodies and minds. They’re an excellent source of high quality complete protein that provides all the building blocks (amino acids) needed for growing bodies. Plus they provide 13 vitamins and minerals essential for healthy development, such as:

• Choline for healthy brain development and function

• Folate, iron and vitamin B12 for making red blood cells

• Vitamin A for healthy skin and night vision

• Vitamin D for building healthy bones and teeth

• Protein-rich foods, like eggs, make good sense as part of a balanced breakfast because protein can help children stay full longer. That means they’ll be less likely to get distracted by hunger and better able to concentrate well.

Just like eggs, programs like Toonies for Tummies are essential to living well - they help feed children in our communities and help us thrive as communities overall. Burnbrae Farms is proud to be involved with the Grocery Foundation’s Toonies for Tummies initiative providing essential meals and snacks to children in Ontario and Atlantic Canada receive essential meals and snacks. This program is part of our overall efforts to be a good corporate citizen including our efforts around sustainability, the environment and animal welfare.

Get Cracking with our Ideas

Here are some ideas for adding eggs to school day breakfasts and lunch boxes: • Cook up a dozen hard-boiled eggs or try our Naturegg Omega 3 Hard Boiled Egg Snack Pack and keep on hand in the refrigerator for quick and easy meals and snacks on-the-go • Try a new recipe with your kids on the weekend, like our Carrot and Apple Muffins and Lunch Box Mini Frittatas with Red Pepper and Spinach. Or look for other recipe ideas in our Recipe Nest.

Burnbrae Farms believes in giving back to the communities in which we do business. We support many local community programs as well as local and national charities. We encourage other companies to support programs like Toonies for Tummies this year. A Toonie may not seem like a lot, but it can go a long way to a child in need. Think of how many eggs a Toonie can buy!

Visit us online at: www.burnbraefarms.com and follow us on Twitter: @BurnbraeFarms

Help Us Make Breakfast a Reality for a Hungry Child

Chasing dreams should be part of every child’s day. Going without breakfast shouldn’t be.