How do students in your family, neighbourhood feel about student nutrition?

How do students in your family, neighbourhood feel about student nutrition? Ask them! We asked some children and teens, they told us: "Forever Hun...

How do students in your family, neighbourhood feel about student nutrition? Ask them! We asked some children and teens, they told us:

"Forever Hungry - Every day kids head to school hungry with only a few snacks in their lunches. No money to buy lunch. Their science test finally arrives. The hungry child had studied the entire weekend, but all they could think of was food. They get the test back. 58%. It’s sad, kids go to school hungry, and their thoughts are only ever on food. Keeping their thoughts off their work and slowing them down in gym or dance. They get skinnier, not in the healthy way. It’s hard to be hungry all day ... These children struggle, I’m thankful the student health program exists, children need it." - Caitlin P.


"Our striving students in [our school] all have their own goals and troubles of some sort. But some troubles and worries are bigger than others. Some of the troubles and worries for students I’ve seen in different schools ,including my school is this "hunger". Some of the students across [my city] worry if they are going to get proper nutrition the next day or even the next meal because their family is in need of help or other conditions. ... Sometimes students around [our city] rely on programs like this and don't discuss their home life because they can feel embarrassed by how people view them. I think if we didn't have this Student Nutrition Program in [our city] or in other cities, the students might be in severe conditions of not having enough proper nutrition. This program helps families that require assistance. That’s why people should be talking about this program and make our fabulous students more successful in school academics and activities." - Alyssa M.


"I had no idea how many kids went to school hungry, I never thought that the people sitting around me could have no food to eat in the morning. All my life I have taken for granted the food that always fills my cupboards, complaining that there was nothing I wanted to eat never thinking “what if there was nothing to eat?” so when we talked about this in class I was alarmed at what I was hearing. It’s a very good thing that other people have taken notice of this and taken up action against it. Of course I am talking about nutritional programs in school like the breakfast club. My school has a breakfast club which basically is a bunch of tables set up and teachers, staff or other volunteers filling plates with fruit, yogurt, cheese, toast, cereal and other breakfast foods and giving them to anyone who wants one. I feel this is a good system because it can take some stress away from the mornings of family’s who can’t provide breakfast for their kids. It also allows them to use their food money for when the children aren’t at school. Another benefit is that anyone can eat there, no one will have to feel embarrassed about needing food. As much as these programs are helpful they are also difficult to keep running. I feel very fortunate that I have never faced these challenges and I am very proud that my family and I frequently donate to charities such as the local food bank and food for learning programs." - Ella O.


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