Canadians Come Together to Fill Tummies - Over 1.1M of Them!

A few months ago, we set out to raise $1M that would help feed over 1.1M school aged children in Ontario and in Western Canada.

A few months ago, we set out to raise $1M that would help feed over 1.1M school aged children in Ontario and in Western Canada.

We’re beyond thrilled to share with you that we have met and exceeded this goal through the support and contribution of literally tens of thousands of shoppers, employees at over 600 grocery stores in Western Canada (Save-On-Foods, Buy-Low/Nesters Market and IGA stores of BC) and Ontario (Metro, Food Basics, Longo’s, Rabba, and participating independent retailers), and our #TooniesforTummies sponsors.

Many of you, donated, some twice. Some of you also went online or asked us how you could contribute more than a toonie in-store or via e-transfer and many of you supported the campaign sponsors - simply AMAZING!

You also shared our campaign in social media, liked and commented and liked, shared and commented in our sponsor and retailer partner social media channels, too!

It’s most rewarding to see our online community grow and to have you be part of this journey that will benefit so many Canadian children giving them access to nutritious breakfasts and snacks while at school.

This year saw a lot of new elements added to #TooniesforTummies including our Match Funds day, where again you rallied behind, and we had the opportunity to share with you some very compelling stories from volunteers and educators who are involved in bringing these programs to life. If you did not get the opportunity to view them, we hope you can now:

In the coming days and months, we're going to be tallying the donations by community and working to ensure these funds make their way to many, many schools. We will share news with you prior to back to school so you can see just how these donations are distributed.

On behalf of our 19 brand sponsors, our retail sponsors, the countless volunteers who make these programs run day in and out, and our partners: Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) and Breakfast Club of Canada, our most sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your role in this year's campaign and helping us not only achieve, but exceed our goal. 100% of all donations will go back to local programs.

Most importantly thank you on behalf of each and every each child in your community that your donation will go to support. Their wellbeing and success equals a better future for us all.

Help Us Make Breakfast a Reality for a Hungry Child

Chasing dreams should be part of every child’s day. Going without breakfast shouldn’t be.


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