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Helping students get the healthy and nutritious
start they need to learn, grow and succeed.

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The Ontario government is investing an additional $5 million this year in the Student Nutrition Program and the First Nations Student Nutrition Program to help school-aged children get the nutrition they need for academic success.

While funded in part by the Ontario government, these programs are also supported by the generosity of local community members who donate their time and money.

Your participation will be giving hope and nourishment to young minds across the province – even in the most remote communities.

Support students' success in Ontario by donating to the Healthy Students Brighter Ontario Campaign.

Your contribution is a vital ingredient in our recipe for a healthier, brighter future for all our children. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to providing nutritious meals that will empower our young learners to thrive.

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Together we can help students get the healthy start they need to learn, grow and succeed.

When kids are acting anxious or disruptive the first reflex is to try and quiet them and set them at ease. By offering some simple healthy food items you can very quickly see a change in behaviour. As a teacher getting to know the cues of a kid in distress is essential. The Grocery Foundation and gift cards give us the opportunity to keep food on hand all day long. – School Volunteer
Sometimes we have children who come to school with nothing in their bellies. The funding received allows us to provide nutritious meals and snacks which positively impact the students’ physical and mental health. One student came to mind specifically. He attends school not only to learn but to receive food. We have seen a tremendous growth in him; not so much physically, but mentally. The student participates more, smiles more and has more energy. He is much more social and is keen to learn more. Nutritious foods play a vital role in fuelling our children’s minds and bodies. – School Volunteer

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Give a onetime donation and help hungry children in your local community access a healthy breakfast

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Feed a hungry child this school year ($500)

When children get adequate nutrition and regular physical activity, research shows their academic achievement improves.

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Help build a healthy, productive tomorrow for children and youth Give monthly and help fill a hungry tummy for the month at a local school.

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Studies have found children who attend breakfast programs benefit from positive role modeling and attend school more frequently. Your donation will go a long way to filling a tummy for several weeks

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