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We have some students with literally no food at home. The program is essential to their general well-being and capacity to learn (Teacher)

Our program opened the door to conversations with students who were in dire need, but didn't know where to turn, or how to ask.

Providing at risk students opportunities to eat and clean up after, offers positive social interactions.

Teachers find a huge difference after the students have a snack in the morning. Their productivity increases

Our nutrition breakfast and snack programs respond to the individual needs of each student and help to provide the conditions needed to help them succeed.

A student with very little family support came to the program one morning and shared – if it wasn’t for the program, I wouldn’t have anything to eat.

I have offered a healthy start to siblings from some families through to their graduation. I always wonder what they do over the summer

Without the food here I might never eat. It makes coming to school easier knowing I have food here (Student)

1 in 5 of our students said the availability of food at school was one of the things that brought them back after an extended absence – it’s a welcoming space.

A number of our students are dealing with trauma. One of them said that the school breakfast program ‘made them happy’

Many students comment on how grateful they are for the food program. For many it may be the first time they have fruit, vegetables or protein that week.

Some of our most challenging students access our breakfast program regularly. Students who had trouble with their behaviour started accessing the program and then their behaviours improved markedly.

Many students come to school with little to no food and some aren’t in a position to prepare a healthy breakfast on their own.

Sharing breakfast helps us connect with students and show we care about them both in and out of the classroom.

The program is an integral part of students’ lives at school. There is no stigma or judgement attached.

Many students report our program is the only time of the day they received a healthy nutritious meal.

The programs offer our students an opportunity to have healthy food. The kids are at-risk and don’t have the best home life. Some only get to eat when they are here. It’s invaluable.

Our program has grown steadily over the past 5 years. We have some students, due to their home circumstances, rely heavily on the food provided.

We have noticed a positive change in student attention and learning because of our program.

About ¼ of our students are living in poverty. Our program is welcoming and teaches the importance of a balanced meal and helps provide one

A student was frequently absent due to food issues at home, she’s now benefiting from the program and her attendance is up and her anxiety is down.

students don’t want to appear to be different. Reputation and image is everything, especially in high school. Behind able to address this need in a way the preserves their dignity is huge.

We have the ‘toughest’ students come into the program. They are polite, thankful and clean up after themselves. It’s a game changer.

This is the only food I had today. Thank you for feeding us everyday. (Student)

The program has been instrumental in helping students achieve success. It also gives them a sense of security and belonging.

I have seen firsthand the impact of students knowing they can depend on coming to school and being fed.

The breakfast program has improved my classroom community. Students gather around the breakfast bowl, share stories and fill their tummies. I am confident students are more ready to learn, after having their basic needs met.

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