Feeding Hungry Children

During the school year

Recently, we were able to confirm the total donations resulting from the 2020 Toonies for Tummies campaign, which shoppers in Ontario and Western Canada embraced.

We’re incredibly grateful to all of you for making a donation and helping us achieve a staggering $2.5M. On behalf of the over 1 million hungry children, thank you! Your donations are more critical than ever as it’s expected the need stands to grow once school resumes.

Our 2020 campaign took place January – March. At this time, schools were still open and donations from the 2019 campaign were being actively deployed by our partners Student Nutrition Ontario (ON) and Breakfast Club of Canada (Western Canada). In anticipation of even more hungry children come the fall, the plan is to have the 2020 donations flow to schools in the fall when school resumes. This is consistent with all past campaigns. Suffice it to say, hunger has, is and will continue to be one of the most pressing issues we can collectively alleviate.

In the coming weeks, we will be able to provide more information on the donation breakout and how it will benefit local communities. In the meantime, in case you missed them, here are the donations from the 2019 campaign.

Thanks to you, 2020 was a record-breaking campaign

Feeding Hungry Children

During COVID-19

At the same time, with Covid-19 and schools being closed, many children who depend on school nutrition programs require assistance now.

The Grocery Foundation and many of the companies who are part of our community are actively joining in efforts to help student nutrition programs directly, many through donations and company-led efforts all with a focus on helping get healthy foods to the children who need it now. This includes lending our resources and networks to help in a time of great need.

Announcements regarding support are fluid and frequent. The links include a number of companies that actively support The Foundation, including participating as current Board Members. They are among the many companies that are helping during these unprecedented times.

You may wish to follow their announcements and learn about their individual responses through the links provided through the links provided here.

We will also continue to keep you apprised of incremental efforts in the days and weeks ahead.

Shaun McKenna
Executive Director
The Grocery Foundation


In addition to previously announced company-specific corporate donations, current Foundation retailer and manufacturer companies have announced further support for hungry children through an incremental $475,000 donation. A combination of grants, grocery gift cards, product coupons and vouchers for healthy breakfast items are making their way to the 14 student nutrition lead agencies across the province of Ontario.

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