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Through it's its Night to Nurture Gala and Toonies for Tummies initiatives, The Grocery Foundation has funded nearly 14M breakfasts since 2000, of which more than 7.5M over the last 4 years are specific to Toonies for Tummies. Faced with adversity, our industry came together to collect toonies and fill hungry tummies.

We have so many stories. We have one young family that has been displaced from their home and is living in a motel. Many mornings they come late, dirty clothes and not having breakfast. As soon as they arrive, we provide them with breakfast from the Food for Thought Breakfast Program. This settles them for the day and helps them learn.

Our school population is very diverse. There is a mix of new immigrant families, single parent, and working poor families, indigenous families, as well as some middle-class families. Based on a number of criteria such as socio/economic, mental and physical health, legal, and family trauma, 75-80% of our students are considered vulnerable by our counselling staff. Poverty is a huge issue for many.

The stress levels this year have been at an all-time high but the constant of having our breakfast program was SO important! I have to give kudos to the staff and students who volunteered and especially to our custodian who set up tents outside every day…rain, shine, sleet or snow, so we could continue with safe food service every day this school year!

Despite our efforts and impact, student nutrition programs continue to face unprecedented challenges and escalated costs associated with having to prepare and serve meals in a sanitized and socially distanced environment and, in many cases, having to account for individually packaged and single-serve meals.

Besides cost increases facing programs currently open, there remain many student nutrition programs in Western Canada on waitlists and Ontario and Atlantic Canada programs continue to struggle to meet the existing and growing need in the face of funding shortfalls.

From the disruption in their daily routine to the reduced availability of school services, children already at risk will be the ones suffering most from the crisis in all aspects of their lives. For children who don’t get enough to eat at home or who come from a violent household, school is a place of safety and nurturing.(Breakfast Club of Canada)

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Few programs offer the flyer and shelf-level exposure that Toonies for Tummies (#Toonies4Tummies) does!

Plus, publicity and profile for your brand in partnership alongside leading Canadian retailers aligned to a cause that is important to them.

Toonies is turnkey campaign and offers you an opportunity to engage your employees and further amplify your brand through your channels with your customers and fans.

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