Frequently Asked Questions

The Grocery Foundation works with our student nutrition partners, the Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) and Breakfast Club of Canada in western Canada to administer the donations collected.

How much of my donation goes towards student nutrition?

100% of proceeds raised from Toonies stays local, helping either the Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) or Breakfast Club of Canada to feed children.

How does The Grocery Foundation identify local programs?

The Foundation works with our partners, including the Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO), and in western Canada, Breakfast Club of Canada, to identify eligible school-based student nutrition programs. These programs benefit from donations made in-store and online once the campaign ends.

What if I do not see a program in the vicinity of the store where I am shopping?

The Toonie Tracker includes the programs that benefit at this time. The programs which receive funding continues to evolve. Once the campaign ends, we will identify a local program to receive funding. This program will be in the vicinity of the store (where the funds are collected). This may include a program that is currently on a wait list. Please also be sure to zoom out on the toonie tracker.

Can I donate more than a toonie at the grocery store? Can I get a tax receipt?

Yes, visit the customer service desk to make a donation of more than a toonie. Donations of $25 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. The cashier will take a photo of your receipt and ask you for your full name and address. This information is forwarded to The Grocery Foundation to issue a tax receipt to you.

Why are schools not named?

We do not publish school names for privacy reasons.

Can I direct my funds to a specific program?

No. But you can be assured that your donation will go to a program in the community where the donation is made.

What is the criteria for foods served in the student nutrition programs?

The criteria is determined by the organizations that administer the programs and is based on nutrition guidelines set by each respective province.

Do you run a student nutrition program in your school and don’t see it listed on the tracker?

Email us at

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